How To Get Your Dream Job In The NHL Even if You’re Not A Hockey Player

Most hockey players won’t make a career in the NHL, minor pro leagues or even the OHL or college hockey. But a lot of hockey players or rabid NHL fans don’t realize that things are changing job wise
for people in today’s society, and they want a dream job, not a regular job at a factory, office or physical labor position, or even being in business.
Mind you if you do have a regular job you need to keep a steady paycheck while striving for your NHL dream job. It’s all about doing something you love, enjoy and understand to boot.
What are most of us when we watch our favorite NHL team?
Armchair quarterbacks so to speak. We seem to think we’re better scouts, GM’s and referee’s for that matter. Yes,  I do it all the time while watching the Toronto Maple Leafs, Pittsburgh Penguins or Washington Capitals.
Think about this for a while though. The wife says to stop wasting your time watching the NHL and not making money,  and wasting money on NHL team merchandise, tickets and going on bus trips to see the leafs. The wife is kinda’ right about spending money and not making any money watching hockey.
But how can you make money working in the NHL, or for the NHL in some capacity doing what you love, or even a business that caters to NHL teams?
Believe me there are ways to make money in the NHL. I’m not kidding.
Years ago I found a website that helps pro hockey players, amateur hockey players or just rabid hockey fans or hockey writers like myself, become scouts, agents, media and even hockey General Managers.
They offer comprehensive courses in these areas along with some of the top GM’s and agents who actually endorse these courses. For those who know Brian Burke who was the GM of the Toronto Leafs, he endorses the hockey and GM course. As well, Harry Sinden who was the the GM of the Boston Bruins endorses this course.
Along with this both Burke and Sinden actually chat with students online in seminars to teach students the tricks of the trade involving GM and Scouting duties. I realize all us rabid hockey fans see is the player deals or issues with regarding player salaries or things they do wrong.
The Hockey GM and Scouting course deals with everyday administrative and sales duties that delve into ticket sales, team merch, alcohol and beverage sales and event planning. So there is more to it than people think. And it helps you become a sales professional as well.
But you don’t have to necessarily become a GM, because frankly it seems rather boring, and I know it would pay a lot more. But wouldn’t you rather do something interesting and be a scout involved in the analysis of players, and eventual recruitment of players who become players on a team you scout for?
I thought so.
I know I haven’t told you the name of the site yet, but I wanted to actually tell you what it’s about.
That way you can make an intelligent decision. There are many scouts who give testimonials on this
course. You cannot just be a scout and GM in the NHL—but the AHL—which is the last step before
the NHL. Or you can become a scout in the Ontario Hockey League(OHL) or other minor pro leagues
or even junior leagues and college hockey teams.
Okay, the name of the company that runs this course is Sports Management Worldwide. It is run by Lynn Lashbrook who owns SMWW, and is an agent himself.
This looks like a great course, and I plan on taking the Hockey GM and Scout course.
Why continue just watching hockey at night and just making the wifey mad while you waste your nights watching games played by players who make a million dollars or more a year, when you can
get a cut of the action—doing something you love—as a scout or GM,  and make some cash as a scout
analyzing players.
Get started with a dream job you’ll love doing on the side, and make the wife happy, and make your friends envious who are rabid hockey fans like you. You might make a hockey fan and scout out of the wife.
You don’t have to be a genius to do this. And you’ll be spending your time productively in the world of hockey.
PS: You’ll see the top scouts and GM’s involved in the course as soon as you click the link above to the sports management worldwide course. They help you every step of the way see if you’re better to suited to being a GM, or Scout.
That’s how dedicated they are to helping people get their dream jobs in NHL or hockey in general.

Much success with your dream job in the NHL.

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