NHL – Wins Against Playoff Teams

Every game matters in the NHL, whether it’s against the first place Capitals or the last place Oilers, but in the playoffs, it’s only about the 16 best teams. Moreover, some teams may have boosted their regular season record by playing in a weak division so I thought it would be interesting to see which playoff teams have the best record against other playoff teams.

The other thing I did is give a half win and a half loss for every game that went to overtime or shootout. The reason I did that is that there’s no shootout or 4 on 4 hockey in the playoffs so it doesn’t make sense to include them. I split them evenly because, if two teams are even after 60 minutes, they should have an equal chance of winning the game in overtime and I can’t just remove that game from the statistics. Here are the results I got:

  W L Win %
Washington Capitals 23 15 60.5%
Vancouver Canucks 24 16 60.0%
Detroit Red Wings 25.5 17.5 59.3%
New Jersey Devils 24.5 17.5 58.3%
San Jose Sharks 25 18 58.1%
Chicago Blackhawks 23.5 18.5 56.0%
Ottawa Senators 22.5 20.5 52.3%
Buffalo Sabres 22.5 22.5 50.0%
Phoenix Coyotes 20 21 48.8%
Los Angeles Kings 19.5 21.5 47.6%
Pittsburgh Penguins 18 23 43.9%
Colorado Avalanche 16.5 21.5 43.4%
Nashville Predators 17.5 23.5 42.7%
Montreal Canadiens 17.5 25.5 40.7%
Philadelphia Flyers 16.5 24.5 40.2%
Boston Bruins 17 27 38.6%

Make what you want of this, they’re only statistics but it’s a little worrisome to see the Pittsburgh Penguins at 43.9%. The Vancouver Canucks are also a team that you can’t underestimate as they are number one in the Western Conference in these standings.

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